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Veterinary Surgeon


A graduate of the University of Nairobi Veterinary School, Dr. Rose joined Hardy Veterinary Clinic as a Clinician having been in Small Animal Practice for more than two years. Her passion for animals and unique sense of humor makes her a good fit in the team. Her quiet demeanor and good listening ability compliment her quick wit and dexterity when treating animals.
Her forte is internal medicine and managing our in-patient cases. She is quite at home with feline surgery cases and is very efficient with the feline breeding control procedures. That she has a sweet tooth is no secret and so is her culinary sense - enjoying cooking and partaking in the offerings of good food in the city. She enjoys travelling and spending time with family especially her young boy Jayden.


In his own words, Dr. Steve Ndurumo, says "dogs have made me what I am". Dr. Steve’s passion for animals is clearly evident in every interaction and it is no surprise that 12 dogs currently share his home.
A graduate of the University of Nairobi, he holds a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVM) degree and a Master of Science degree in Clinical Studies.
His career has seen him through clinical practice evolving into working dog management in Africa. His love for dogs is a poorly kept secret spanning from his days in veterinary school, his career, and in everything else that he does.
As the resident clinician at the Hardy Veterinary Clinic, its is not hard to see that he is fascinated by surgery both as an art and as a science.
When Dr. Steve is not taking care of animals he enjoys various pastime activities especially camping. He also enjoys designing and sketching ideas, some of which have been decent enough to see the light of day while others will have to wait for another time and age...

Team Leader

Dr. Susan N. Kuria is a registered veterinary surgeon having graduated from the University of Nairobi with a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine degree.
Her free spirit and boundless energy has seen her through clinical practice, cheetah conservation and management of a large working dog kennel in the last 5 years. She is passionate about animals and apart from numerous cats and dogs that have been part of her household, she keeps a large flock of ducks which she faithfully looks after.
Founding Hardy Veterinary Clinic marked a major milestone in her vision to run her own practice
As the team leader, Dr. Susan Kuria gets to spend her days doing what she loves best. Her free time is spent on numerous personal projects and cooking. She will also take long road trips at the slightest excuse!
One thing that matches her love for animals and her job is her easy laughter that brightens up even the dullest days for anyone.