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Health & Wellness

Preventive Medicine

Prevention is always better than cure and we emphasise on preventive practices such as vaccinations, deworming, parasite control, environmental hygiene and sanitation. Monitoring and early detection of diseases also forms an important part of preventive medicine. And that’s why we encourage our clients to have routine wellness checks of their pets.

Animal Nutrition

Good nutrition is the basis for wholesome health and we emphasize this to our clients offering education, product knowledge and insights to help them make the best choices for their pets feeding requirements cost effectively.

Physiotherapy & Chiropractic Care

We realize that not all cases are amenable to treatment by singular approaches and thus the need for physical and chiropractic therapy in some conditions arises. We are privileged to have a team of dog-loving physiotherapists and chiropractors working with us and offer the best to our patients.

Pet Grooming

Good health goes hand in hand with how good your pets look, so we will shampoo, comb, clip nails, trim hair, spritz, do anything needed to make sure pets coming through our clinic always look their best!